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Special Message to Our Supporters

Lately, I’ve been finding myself thinking back on the year and how much I’ve seen God do here at Campbell University. Our staff and student servant leaders have had the exciting experience of witnessing God move on this campus. We’ve seen the gospel of God’s grace cause students to give up trying to live their lives with themselves at the center, and instead begin seeking God’s will for their lives....and when young people start making decisions like that in the midst of a college atmosphere that screams “live it up while you’re here; settle down later,” it is impossible for their college peers to not notice, and God is glorified.

Needless to say, we’re so thrilled about how God is moving in hearts here and we can definitely sense a tangible momentum within the body of believers and the students they are reaching out to. We’re just trying to continue to proclaim God’s word and collectively abide in Christ, trusting that God will continue to sovereignly advance his kingdom on this campus. It is HIS campus, and we trust him when he says in Matthew 28 that all authority belongs to him and that he wants the people he has created to be disciples of his. He is making that clear to us here!

This is a semi-unusual blog post, because we usually give updates on more holistic ministry events, but I just felt compelled to share with our supporters how God is tangibly acting on his word at a small school south of Raleigh/Durham!

So, as I’ve been looking back on the year and all that God has done so far, it’s made me so very thankful for my supporters, and I know that I speak on behalf of everyone else on staff with Campus Outreach Raleigh when I express appreciation to all of you who are on our support teams. It is by your generosity and partnership in fulfilling God’s calling that we are on these campuses and have the privilege of being a part of seeing him transform the lives of these young men and women. We are SO GRATEFUL for each one of you and are blessed to have people like you in our lives who want to be a part of what God is doing at these schools. Thank you!

Blog Post By: Zach Oyler

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